How to register for sterling bank ussd code and Transfer money

In recent years, the use of USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes for banking has become increasingly popular among customers and financial institutions alike.

This technology allows Sterling bank  Account holders to access their bank account for financial transaction , transfer funds, pay bills, check balances, and perform various other banking activities all through a simple mobile phone and without the need for an internet connection

The service is available to all (Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9Mobile). Customers transact directly from their Sterling account and it Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and they are required to create transaction PIN for secure transactions.

This article will serves as a guide on how to register for the Sterling Bank USSD Code and transfer money seamlessly using mobile phone

Benefits of using *822#

The key benefits of using USSD codes for banking is the convenience it offers to customers are:

1.Automatically links all accounts, where customer has multiple accounts
2.Self-service registration.
3.Customer can pay regular bills and utilities seamlessly
4. Does not require mobile data or internet.
5.It works with any kind of mobile device
6.Easy, simple, fast and convenient

What do you need to activate Sterling bank ussd code

Before you register or activate your ussd code as sterling bank account holder you need to have the following

1. You need to have an Active Sterling Bank account
2.Phone number from  any (Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9Mobile} network linked to your account
3. Phone
4. A debit card linked to your account


How can I register for sterling bank ussd code Service?

You can automatically register for sterling bank ussd code service if you are an account holder As part of the registration process,

Here’s a step by step guide on how to activate the Sterling Bank transfer code on your line.

1. Simply dial *822# on the mobile number that is connected with your Sterling Bank account. This is the same number used for transaction alerts.
2. Then press the number 1,
3. Enter your 10-digit account number.
4. Enter the details of your card
5 .Then Create your authorization PIN to complete your Transection each time you need to carry out any transaction
6. Please Re-enter your PIN to confirm accuracy.

Once you have successfully registered for Sterling Bank’s USSD code, you can now start using it to transfer money, buy airtime,check account balance, perform cardless withdrawal and many more financial service.


To transfer money from sterling bank  dial  *822*Amount*AccountNumber#

Dial *822*20000*0071234567# to transfer ₦20,000. Follow the prompts to verify details and complete transaction with transaction PIN.

HOW TO PAY BILLS from sterlin bank using ussd code:

To pay a bill from sterling bank , dial *822*BillerCode*UniqueCode*Amount# or *simply *822*2# to see different billers.

From your phone, dial *822*881099*41234567890*10650# to pay for a ₦10650 DStv plan


How do I reset sterling bank ussd PIN using *822#?

Has your PIN been compromised? Or have you forgotten your transaction PIN? Yes? Alright, you can easily reset your USSD transaction PIN with this service all you need is To change your PIN, dial *822#, select Pin Reset


How to check  my sterling bank  balance  and number with *822#?

To check your account number:        *822*8#

TO check your Account Balance:      *822*6#


How to buy airtime recharge from sterling bank with *822#?

You can easily recharge your phone line at any time and from anywhere using Sterling’s *822#. It is easy, fast and convenient.


To recharge your phone dial *822*AMOUNT#

From your phone, dial *822*500# to recharge ₦500 on your phone



To send airtime to a third party, dial  *822*AMOUNT*PhoneNumber#Example:
Dial *822*500*08123456789# from your mobile phone to recharge your friend’s phone with ₦500 airtime

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the Sterling Bank USSD Code on any mobile device?

Yes, it can be use from any mobile device without data or internet connection.

Is it safe to transfer money using the Sterling Bank USSD Code?

Yes, This service is secure, reliable and provides seamless banking experience to customers.

What should I do if I forget my sterling bank USSD PIN?

If your forgot your sterling bank ussd PIN and you want to restrictive it, simply dial *822#, select Pin Reset


How to check sterling bank account balance and Number

To check your account number: *822*8#

TO check your Account Balance: *822*6#

Can i pay bills from Sterling bank using ussd code

Yes, you can easily pay bills by dialling *822*BillerCode*UniqueCode*Amount# or *simply *822*2# to see different billers.