Type of Lloyds Bank credit card and how to activate it

When it comes to choosing a credit card, Lloyds Bank offers a range of options to suit different needs and financial situations. Whether you’re looking for a basic card for everyday purchases, a card with enticing rewards, or a card specifically tailored for students or businesses, the Bank has you covered

Lloyds Bank has a rich history, dating all the way back to the 17th century. They have been providing financial services to individuals and businesses for over 250 years. Established in Birmingham, England, it has since grown to become one of the largest and most trusted banks in the United Kingdom.

With a reputation for excellence, the Bank has extended its services to include various credit card options for its customers.

You’ll find a range of credit cards to suit most borrowing needs.  there are questions that demand for answer such as  type of credit card i can apply with the bank? , and what things should you consider? This article should help answer all of those important questions.


The Bank offers a range of credit cards tailored to different financial needs and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward card for everyday spending, rewards on your purchases, or the ability to transfer existing balances, Lloyds has options to suit.

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Types of credit cards offered by Lloyds Bank, including:

1.Balance transfer credit cards
2. Large purchase credit cards
3. Everyday spending credit cards
4. Cashback credit cards


1.Balance transfer credit cards

This card is designed for customers looking to transfer their existing credit card balances to a new card with a low interest rate for a certain period of time. Moving multiple credit card balances onto a single card can make life easier, with one balance to keep track of and one payment to make each month. A balance transfer can help you do this.

You can request a balance transfer from most credit cards and some store cards which display the Mastercard®, American Express® or Visa® logos, but not from loan companies, bank accounts or other Lloyds Bank credit cards.

The minimum transfer amount is £100. There’s no limit to how many transfers you can make, but you must stay within the credit limit of your new credit card. You’ll also need to account for any other transactions and transfer fees yet to be added to the card balance.


2.. Large purchase credit cards

A large purchase credit card could help you spread the cost of a more expensive item. This card offers a low introductory interest rate on purchases for a certain period of time, making it suitable for customers who plan to make large purchases and want to spread the cost. Section 75 protection on most purchases of over £100 but not more than £30,000


3. Everyday spending credit cards


An everyday spending credit card could be a useful way of staying in control of your finances.

  • Usually come with a low interest rate on purchases.
  • Can help you manage your essential expenses and regular bills.
  • Section 75 protection on most purchases of over £100 but not more than £30,000.

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4. Cashback credit cards

With cashback credit card you will Earn cashback on purchases with a cashback credit card. The Cashback is normally earned as a percentage of every pound spent on eligible purchases.

You could earn cashback on everyday and larger, one-off purchases. and The total cashback amount is usually credited to your credit card account to reduce the balance.

Here are the benefits you could receive with the Lloyds Bank Cashback credit card:

  • 0.25% cashback on card purchases.
  • No monthly account fee.
  • Representative 22.9% APR variable.

    Credit limits and interest rates may vary and are subject to an assessment of your personal circumstances.


5. Lloyds Bank World Elite Mastercard®

Lloyds Bank World Elite Mastercard® is a rewards card that comes with cashback on your everyday purchases, whether you’re at home or away, and a world of travel benefits.

  • 0.5% cashback on purchases totalling up to and including £15,000 in each anniversary year from account opening.
  • 1% cashback on purchases totalling over £15,000 in each anniversary year from account opening.
  • Travel benefits including Priority Pass and Airport Security Fast Track.

£15 monthly account fee.

Credit is available subject to status, to UK residents aged 18 and over.

How to apply for a Lloyds Bank credit card

Before you apply, you’ll need to check your eligibility with One Check. One Check will show the cards you can apply for and what credit limit and interest rate you could get. Once you’ve checked your eligibility and found the card you want to apply for, follow the instructions and fill out the rest of the application form.

How to Activate Lloyds Bank credit card

Once you receive your new Lloyds Bank credit card in the mail, ensure that the envelope is unopened and undamaged. If everything looks good, you’re ready to activate your card and start using it.

  1. Select Credit cards, followed by the option Activate credit card.
  2. Check the card details match your new credit card and then select Activate.
  3. All done – your card is now activated and ready to use


How to activate Lloyds Bank credit card with Online Banking

To activate your Lloyds Bank credit card online, simply log in to your online banking account and follow the steps below

  1. Open our secure online form.
  2. Enter the credit card number, your date of birth and the credit card expiry date and then select Activate.
  3. All done – your card is now activated and ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it typically take to receive a Lloyds Bank credit card?

Your credit card and PIN will arrive separately. This is for security. Your PIN will usually arrive in 3-5 working days. Your new credit card will usually arrive in 5-7 working days.

Can I activate my Lloyds Bank credit card using a mobile app?

Card can be activated on App or online banking

What should I do if my Lloyds Bank credit card activation is not successful?

If you can’t activate your credit card online You can visit in branch. Or if you’d prefer to speak with someone, give the bank a call.

How do I contact Lloyds credit card?

You can call the bank on 0345 606 2172. 8am – 8pm , seven days a week.

Are there any fees associated with activating a Lloyds Bank credit card?

For some credit cards, a monthly or annual fee applies. These cards usually offer some type of reward in return, e.g. cashback or another form of points.

What’s the difference between a balance transfer and a money transfer?

Balance transfers are about moving credit or store card balances to a different credit card with another provider. With a money transfer, you can move money from your credit card to your UK-based current account.